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Title service

Reliable title services

Are you planning to purchase a house? Rely on the Law Offices of Paul Agbeyegbe to get an opinion of title so that you know your property is free of liens. You can trust us to search public records, review deeds, and examine court records or other sources. Rest assured in knowing that we will remove all encumbrances from the property.


Rely on our skilled lawyers to check for any liens on the property and issue an opinion of title. Trust us to prepare your property for closing.

Wondering why you should seek our legal consultation instead of a real estate agent? A real estate agent will not be able to provide you with an opinion of title. Depend on our qualified attorneys for these services.


Contact us to get a PROFESSIONAL consultation and schedule an appointment. Trust us to investigate in detail any issues that may arise before you purchase a property.

Seek our PROFESSIONAL consultation

You'll be glad to learn that even real estate agents enlist our title services - and even send their customers to us! Breathe easy knowing that we cater to the needs of both commercial and residential customers.


You can also check out our other legal services — real estate investment, foreclosure, and loan modification. Get in touch with us to about how we can protect your interest before you purchase a property.

High-quality legal services

Locally owned and operated law office with a detailed knowledge of the area.

Enlist our title

services today!


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